Automation Technology

In automation technology, artificial systems or “automats” are used to automate processes that were previously carried out manually. Individual machines or even entire industrial plants run a program independently and use this to make decisions about the control and regulation of the process. Humans are only indirectly involved in these control processes.

The more independent the complex machines are from human involvement, the higher the degree of automation. Advances in signal acquisition, electronic signal processing and intelligent products that collect process data and make it visible contribute to the expansion and efficient design of automation technology in many areas.

The aim was to have rigid, recurring production processes carried out as far as possible by machines and to achieve increases in productivity. However, the endeavors are now far more ambitious. Work sequences involving different tasks are undertaken by flexible production systems in order to achieve greater overall efficiency.

Automation technology is used, for example, in production processes in the automotive industry, handling and logistics processes.

Use of Vacuum Technology in Automation Technology

Vacuum technology can be used to automate many processes in a wide variety of industries. From individual components to entire systems, Schmalz offers products that further advance the automation and efficient, resource-saving design of production processes. In particular, the intelligent products (Smart Field Devices), such as the IO-Link-capable compact terminal SCTSi or the vacuum and pressure switch VSi, make process data transparent and enable predictive maintenance. Reducing downtime increases productivity in automation technology.

Prepared for the future – intelligent products for automation technology

Handling Process Data in Real Time

Schmalz develops smart field devices that enable process data to be used in real time. Our intelligent products feature integrated energy and process control functions. They collect and interpret data and then make it visible for the user.

One example is the compact terminal SCTMi. This compact terminal consists of up to 16 individual ejectors that can be controlled individually. A single compressed air supply and one electrical connection is all that is required. All relevant parameters, such as the energy consumption and performance in the vacuum system can be recorded, monitored and analyzed via the IO-Link interface.

Compact terminal SCTMi

Making Process Data Visible Using NFC Technology

In addition to an IO-Link interface, Schmalz provides an additional means of communication with intelligent products in the form of NFC technology. Process data is recorded directly and transferred securely to a smartphone via a point-to-point contact using NFC. Device and process information can also be parameterized on the smartphone.

Vacuum and pressure switch VSi