Aluminium Crane


Whether you are looking for an overhead crane system, column-mounted or wall-mounted jib crane, the aluminum cranes from Schmalz allow for flexible and easy handling of heavy loads. Thanks to the favorable weight-load ratio, even heavy workpieces can be moved effortlessly.

Crane systems from Schmalz help to provide ergonomic, healthy working conditions in various industries, for example in a number of intralogistics processes.

Aluminum cranes from Schmalz can be used in most manual handling applications. When combined with our vacuum lifters, ergonomic working conditions are much easier to achieve.

Aluminium Cranes from Schmalz

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Flexibility Thanks to Modularity

Schmalz offers high-quality crane systems for a wide range of requirements. The aluminum cranes are renowned for their flexibility. The cranes are operated using a modular system so that they can be perfectly integrated into any infrastructure. Thanks to the modularity of the design, expansion or retrofitting of an existing crane system is no problem. The extensive accessories make it possible to adapt the cranes to the individual needs of a company and its workflows.

Furthermore, the aluminum construction of the Schmalz crane systems makes them much more powerful than conventional cranes made of steel: Thanks to the lightweight construction of the aluminum cranes, the mass to move is reduced by more than 60 percent, making it much easier and more ergonomic for the user to work with heavy loads.

Schmalz also provides aluminum cranes for special requirements: For example, jib cranes can be designed for special applications and very low ceiling heights. The range of robust and high-quality cranes from Schmalz also includes crane systems with telescopic jibs for areas that are difficult to access.

Aluminum Cranes: Ergonomic Crane Solutions for the Workplace

If crane systems are used for loads below 1,000 kg, we recommend using aluminum crane rails for the system. They are particularly responsive and thus guarantee excellent running properties. For a lift capacity that exceeds 1,000 kg, we recommend selecting a crane with a sturdy and heavy-duty crane rail made of steel instead of an aluminum crane.

Among the various crane systems, column-mounted jib cranes and slewing cranes offer particularly diverse application options. Aluminum cranes help to create ergonomic workplace solutions. The crane systems can be adapted to suit different loads.

Schmalz vacuum tube lifters and lifting devices can be incorporated to achieve a particularly high level of efficiency and reduced work-related strain: As a result, damage to workers' health caused by lifting and carrying heavy loads is avoided and loads are moved easily and safely.

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