Vacuum Blocks VCBL-S

The Inexpensive and Flexible Alternative to the Original SCM/Morbidelli Vacuum Block

Not only are VCBL-S vacuum blocks flexibly deployable in a variety of applications and able to hold the workpiece securely in the correct position, they also offer excellent value for money. That means they offer a genuine alternative for use with CNC milling machines manufactured by SCM and Morbidelli.

Features of these vacuum blocks include enormous holding force and extremely high dimensional accuracy. This allows them to absorb the most powerful shear forces.

Additional highlights:

  • Attractive price: Cheaper than comparable products on the market
  • Wide range of products: Various geometries and heights for simple setup as well as integrated touch valve to prevent leakage due to unused suction cups
  • Simple installation: The vacuum blocks are compatible with the original suction cups and can be secured to the console just like the original model
  • Replaceable suction plate: With conventional systems, the entire vacuum block has to be replaced in the event of collision, wear or other damage

* SCM and Morbidelli are registered trademarks of the SCM Group and are protected by trademark law. The articles listed here are products of J. Schmalz GmbH that have been designed to fit CNC milling machines from SCM/Morbidelli.

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